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A note submitted by:
Dr. Amr Saeed Al-Fiqi,
Regional Volunteers Coordinator ( RVC SMM IHRC)
Arab Republic of Egypt
....about optimism at this critical stage the world is going through, because the optimism is a secret to a healthier psychological life .....
What is the true meaning of optimism?
"Optimism is a philosophical doctrine that believes that the world is good and that good exists in our societies more than evil." Optimism is not a "magic idea," but rather a state of mind that has enormous benefits for both physical and mental health.
Optimism is to allow the soul to see the full half of the cup and look at things positively and act accordingly, and has benefits for social, psychological, and healthy life. Being optimistic enables you to build good relationships with others and makes daily experiences more enjoyable.
Here are the benefits of having an optimistic outlook:
Extending life
Reducing depression
Strengthening the physical immunity
Sound mental health
- The ability to endure anxiety and stress
- The natural ability to form strong relationships
- Being able to exercise self-control and make constructive decisions
Self-esteem more and more and increase self-confidence
- Relief in social relations and in the approach to life in general
- More successes in all fields
Increase vigor and vitality
Some tips to be more optimistic:
We offer you some exercises that can help you to be optimistic and fill your life positively:
Write down in your notebook (at least once a week) all the positive events that you have experienced and how you contributed to them.
- Write down all the moments of suspicion, fear, and stress that you experienced. This will help you to know what is causing it, and thus find mechanisms to combat it.
Avoid generalization, not everything is black or white, in most cases it is easy to find intermediate solutions.
- Avoid personalization, we must believe that not all bad things we encounter are due to our mistakes.
Adopt logic, find alternative logical ideas for negative thoughts.
Avoid "catastrophic" thinking: do not miss things and do not multiply with drama.
Avoid future expectations, especially unrealistic ones.
Learn to talk about yourself in a positive way.
Try new routine activities (learning a new language, traveling to new destinations, ....).
Learn the art of listening to yourself first and then others.
- Explore your creative aspects (drawing, writing, ....).
Surround yourself with positive and optimistic people.
Set goals for yourself and persist in achieving them. When you achieve each goal, your confidence increases.
Pamper yourself out with friends, laugh often, have fun, and make you happier in your life.
- Stay fit and fit by exercising and eating healthy.
- Practicing physical activities helps to resist tension and anxiety, and enriches the ability to muscle and intellectual relaxation. Among the most important of these activities are:
Yoga: help focus on how to breathe.
Meditation: increases self-awareness
NVC SMM IHRC - Arab Republic of Egypt
Dr. Amr Saeed Al-Fiqi
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