"It breeds peaceful cohabitation" - SMM IHRC-Special Monitoring Mission

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"Because what we do today, we do for Generations"
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"It breeds peaceful cohabitation"

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Over 3000 Students were drilled on the importance of gender equity,reiterating that
"It breeds peaceful cohabitation"
In the early morning hours of Friday 27th,2020,the International Human Rights Commission~Special Monitoring Mission Volunteers delegation led by her Multinational Volunteers Coordinator/Peace Ambassador and National Volunteers Coordinator,H.E Bienvenu Hiroua and Mrs.Holy Anagho respectively,reached out to Government Technical High School Molyko,Buea (7:00am~9:30am)
Over 3000 Students alongside staff members were drilled on the importance of gender equity,reiterating that “It breeds peaceful cohabitation”.The need to put an end to gender based violence was central in the course of the lecture.
The National Volunteers Coordinator, Mrs.Holy Anagho went further to differentiate between often misinterpreted terms ; Sex and Gender~she emphasized that “Human beings are specialized into 2 varieties,male or female,each known as a sex whereas gender refers to the characteristics of women,men,girls and boys which are socially constructed…this includes norms,behaviors and roles associated with being a woman,man,girl or boy,aswell as their relationship with each other.”.
The team further sensitized the massive audience on the need to exercise tolerance,in an attempt to live in a world free of gender based violence and conflict.
”We need to understand one another and welcome cultural diversity,for the sake of peace and the betterment of humanity”
added the MNVC Bienvenu Hiroua and close collaborators.
In a capsule,the population welcomed and affirmed the assertion that gender based violence are human rights violations.
A very satisfactory remark by the staff and student representatives of Government Technical High School,Buea gave the team an impetus to program subsequent lectures in Government High School,Buea Town,Government High School Tiko,among other prominent institutions,to be realized within the 16 Days Activism Against Gender Based Violence on Women and the Girl Child.

The team unanimously resorts to “Orange the World”,in line with the IHRC slogan,
“...What we do today, we do for Generations...”
MNVC/Peace Ambassador IHRC Bienvenu Hiroua Goare
NVC,Mrs.Holy Anagho
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