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Diplomatic Award's Ceremony at the Southwest Regional Delegation of Youth and Civic Education of Cameroon Friday 29th-05- 2020
The Volunteers team of international Human Rights commission in Africa Regions (Cameroon and Chad) were welcomed by the Southwest Regional Delegate of Youth and Civic Education in cameroon Mme.Fende Lyonga and her close collaborators including Mr.Yogo Adisse and the Regional Pedagogic Inspector for Youth and Civic Education in their institution.
During this ceremony of award the staff of IHRC exchanged some topics concerned Covid 19 and the challenges that the country Cameroon is facing vis-a-vis of this pandemic including its youth .
The purpose of giving the award from the head quarter of International Human Rights commission is to encourage organizations, institutions, individuals, that are helping less privileged people during this hard period.
Both parties where highly satisfied with the Deliberations and positive future outcome.
To close the award's ceremony we issued them a certificate of recognition in their fight against COVID 19 which they appreciated with much joy and have opened their doors to the International Human Rights Commission and its visions.
Best regards.
Hiroua Goare Bienvenu
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